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The 1915 model year featured many important steps in the growth of the young Chevrolet Motor Company. A total of four different models were sold as 1915 Chevrolets.

This would be the final season for the Light Six, one would probably think that it was due to its high price - compared to other models of the Chevrolet and competitors such as Henry Ford's Model T. Interestingly, the advertising slogan of Chevrolet during this year for the Light Six was "The policy of this company is to build a good motor car to sell at a reasonable price" (see advertisement on right, click to enlarge).

Models Available were:

H-2 Roadster
Royal Mail $750 2000 lb.
H-3 Special Roadster
Amesbury Special $985 2100 lb.
H-4 Touring
Baby Grand $850 2500 lb.
L Touring
Light Six $1,475 3050 lb.

View photos of the 1915 Amesbury Special, the H-3 Special Roadster

Granted the Light Six was expensive, but it did come standard with electric Auto-lite starting and lighting included.

Options for the other cars - which did not come with the starter as a standard feature included a trunk (to fit between the fuel tank and the tire rack, Houk wire wheels ($125), and a spare tire.

Here is a price breakdown and weight of each vehicle:

Base Price
H-2 Roadster- Royal Mail
H-3 Special Roadster - Amesbury Special
H-4 Touring - Baby Grand
L Touring - Light Six

Above you can see a photo of a 1915 Royal Mail with the gas tank located behind the seat. Notice the optional trunk which was located behind the tank and in front of the tire rack.

Chevrolet's initial entry into the low price market came in April of 1915, when Chevrolet introduced the 490 series. The company chose to market the product as a 1916 model but was available for purchase at the local dealer by May of 1915. The price? A very reasonable $490!

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