Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vintage Chevrolet Archives?

Vintage Chevrolet Archives is currently a free resource available to Chevrolet collectors throughout the world. We are working hard to collect quality reference information for individuals who are interested in preserving and restoring their Chevrolet cars and trucks.

Are you affiliated with the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America?

No. The chairman of this project, James W. Burnes, is a third generation member of the VCCA. The VCCA receives no financial remuneration from this site nor sponsors this site. All references to the VCCA are merely professional and are found due to the close nature by which the Archives and VCCA strive to encourage the collector community to reach.

The Archives strongly believes that the VCCA is an excellent organization for all members of the vintage Chevrolet community to belong to for their technical assistance, fellowship, and activities for which they organize.

Is there a print edition of Vintage Chevrolet Archives?

No. In an effort to provide our readers with a more immediate, archivable publication at their fingertips, the Archives has directed all of its resources to developing itself as a web formatted content provider.

What kinds of cars are featured in Vintage Chevrolet Archives?

The Vintage Chevrolet Archives focus on Chevrolet cars, trucks, and related automobilia for all years preceding 1976. The editorial staff specifically selects material for the importance of the historical information available, the usefulness of the topic, the authenticity of the sources, and the educational value of the material.

Are you affiliated with a particular organization?

We are independent of affiliation. Vintage Chevrolet Archives believes that this facilitates content and reference material being presented in a more efficient and unbiased manner.

What is your policy with content from other organizations?

An organization or company who provides material for our publication retains the copyrights and reprint rights to that material. The Vintage Chevrolet Archives merely acts as a "reprinter" of the content. Users of our web site agree that the content will be used for noncommercial purposes and will not be reprinted, distributed, or modified without written consent from the Archives or the owner of the content.

How are contributors selected?

Commentators are selected for their relevant expertise as well as their ability to communicate ideas in a straightforward and approachable style. We do not control the opinions of the commentators and invites letters to the editor to promote dialogue when colleagues might disagree.

Who joins Vintage Chevrolet Archives?

Subscribers to Vintage Chevrolet Archives include collectors, historians, researchers, old car hobbyists, restorers, mechanics, and others. Anyone may register to the Vintage Chevrolet Archives.

Can I advertise on Vintage Chevrolet Archives?

Vintage Chevrolet Archives does not accept advertising from outside companies or associations.

Can I have product my company manufacturers independently reviewed by Vintage Chevrolet Archives?

To inform the automobile collector communities in an objective manner we do accept new products to be independently reviewed by experts for review. Vintage Chevrolet Archives brand name provides a highly credible environment for your product reviews. To maintain our strict policy of academic pursuit with due diligence and scientific responsibility, we drive to keep our readers up-to-date on the newest products on the market and consider any product for review. We cannot guarantee that we will review the product and any samples that are received by Vintage Chevrolet Archives become property of Vintage Chevrolet Archives.

Who should I send press releases to in regards to my company or product?

You may send releases to

Can my association get promotional consideration?

We offer promotional opportunities to associations; educational institutions and non-profits who wish to advertise special event information, including calendar dates, fees and other registration info. Organizations may submit event information to:

How can I be a part of the prestige and quality of Vintage Chevrolet Archives?

We offer promotional programs with the web sites of other agencies in efforts to create a wider range of research tools for our readers. If you are interested in conducting a joint venture please contact us at either of the following: or call : Business Development at 317-392-2475.